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11 January 2009 @ 11:07AM: Hello to anyone who's stumbled into this post. Hopefully you're here to see what I'm looking for and what I already have. Just to let you know that I've been absent from the BPAL Community for about 2 years due to a myriad of reasons, so what I have to trade is very, very small. I am currently re-testing some of my older imps so the list will be updated as I go.

Also, a note about my imps - all are from 2006 and earlier as of right now. This means anything I trade or sell is aged! Anything newer will have the year included.

Thanks for stopping by! :D

General BPAL
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ISO & Wishlist Groups
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Bolded Items are favorites
Italicized Items are highly sought after.
Underlined Items are up for trade or sale.

Always ISO These
Dana O'Shee Geek Harvest Moon Midway 2005
Pink Phoenix Prague Samhain 2005

Limited Editions ISO
Beltane Dark Chocolate and Cherry Freak Show Hearth '04
Gingerbread Poppet Milk Chocolate and Buttercream Numb Pink Moon
PP #1 (mulling spice) PP #2 (Cocoa) PP #3 (Pom) Snow Bunny
Strawberry Moon Sugar Skull Undine White Chocolate and Strawberries
White Chocolate and Sugared Violets White Chocolate, Marshmellow, and Coconut

Regular Editions ISO
The Antikythera Mechanism Bensiabel Black Phoenix Bliss
Carnal Dream Formula V: Somnus Dublin Eat Me
Eden Elixir VI: Detox Forbidden Fruit Gluttony
Hollywood Babylon Hope and Faith, the Siamese Twins Hurricane Jabberwocky
Jack Jolly Roger The Knave of Hearts Laudanum
London Madrid Miskatonic University Pele
Persephone Prunella The Rose Schrodinger's Cat
Snake Oil Titania Wings of Azrael Xanthe, the Weeping Clown
Zarita, The Doll Girl

Currently in the Imp Box
Akuma Ave Maria Gratia Plana Beaver Moon Black Opal x2 Black Tower
Chuparosa Dana O'Shee Embalming Fluid Geek Glasgow
Harvest Moon Hellcat La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente Midway Morgause
Nosferatu Peitho Prague Samhain '04 Samhain '05
Sudha Sigara Ultraviolet

Currently in the Bottle Box
Samhain '05 LE Pink Phoenix LE Smut LE Thirteen LE

Originally posted 22 November 2005 @ 10:16am. Backdated for preservation of my sanity.
Updated 10 & 11 January 2009.


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