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By now I think everyone's heard about the Earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th - 7.0 on the Richter Scale; the death toll is expected to be in the tens of thousands and many are homeless. Aid organizations are having a hell of a time getting through the rubble to help, having to dig out those who were trapped in the collapsed buildings. If anyone hasn't already seen the pictures of the destruction, these are some before & after photos via Google Maps satellite images and these were taken on the ground (the second link includes photos of the deceased). Very little in Port-au-Prince seems to have escaped unscathed. If you can help out, there's several sites & methods available - Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX have also now said they will be dropping their percentage cut for donations made to certain charities for Haiti.

UPDATE: A 6.1 magnitude Aftershock hit Haiti this morning, 20 January 2010.

Please be aware that monetary donations are being requested at this time rather than goods.

Traditional Charities
+ Hollywood Unites For Haiti, a charity created by Jimmy Jean-Louis, better known as "The Haitian" on the NBC Hit Series Heroes.
+ Portlight, a charity providing aid to those with Special Needs affected by the disaster.
+ The ASPCA is partnering with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the World Society for the Protection of Animals and is accepting donations to begin animal care in the near future.

+ Action Against Hunger
+ American Jewish World Service
+ AmeriCares
+ The Animal Rescue Site
+ Artists for Peace and Justice
+ Beyond Borders
+ Childcare Worldwide
+ Compassion International
+ Convoy of Hope
+ DirectRelief
+ The Disaster Emergency Committee: UK
+ Doctors Without Borders
+ Food For The Poor
+ Friends of the World Food Program
+ GlobalMedic/DMGF
+ Habitat for Humanity
+ Haitian Health Foundation
+ Hope for Haiti
+ The Hunger Site, working with Partners in Health to provide aid in Haiti.
+ International Medical Corps
+ MAP International
+ Medical Benevolence Foundation
+ MercyCorps
+ OXFAM America
+ OXFAM International
+ Plan Canada
+ Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation
+ The Salvation Army
+ ShelterBox
+ World Food Programme
+ World Water Relief

+ The American Red Cross
+ The British Red Cross
+ The Canadian Red Cross
+ Croix-Rouge française
+ The International Committee of the Red Cross
+ The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Fandom Unites
+ [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, a newly created comm that's doing auctions of fanworks.
+ [livejournal.com profile] ewinfic will be hosting a Mini Haiti-thon on January 16th; the prompting post can be located here.
+ [livejournal.com profile] camelot_love is putting together/gauging interest in doing their own fundraiser/donation-thon.
+ ONTD_ST's UNICEF Donation Page, approved by Zachary Quinto and Tyler Shields.
+ Mischa's (Collins) Minions UNICEF Donation Page, begun by Mischa himself.
+ [livejournal.com profile] attolia is selling some Torchwood merchandise for the Haiti fund.

Celebrity/Big Company Aid
+ Blink-182 is selling a T-Shirt to Support The Red Cross' Efforts, 15$ and begins shipping out January 22nd.
+ Bungie is selling a T-Shirt to Support the Red Cross' Efforts, 19.99$ in Youth, Men, and Womens. Ships when ordered.
+ Former Presidents Clinton & Bush have established a Relief Fund.
+ George Clooney has a Telethon Planned for January 22nd, will air on ABC, CNN, HBO, MTV, and NBC.
+ The music from the telethon, a compilation entitled Hope for Haiti Now, is available on Amazon.com or through the iTunes Store for $7.99. All proceeds are being donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Oxfam America, Partners in Health, Red Cross, UNICEF, United Nations World Food Programme, and Yele Haiti Foundation.
+ American Airlines is offering to give a one-time bonus of 250 miles for a minimum donation of $50 or 500 miles for a donation of $100 or more through February 28, as stated here.
+ Spirit Airlines will give 5,000 free Spirit miles to the first 200,000 members of its frequent-flier program who donate at least $5 to UNICEF, the Red Cross or Yéle Haiti. Members must register online to participate, as stated here.
+ Google is collecting donations for CARE and UNICEF through their website.

Mobile Texting
* The amount is added to your next bill.
+ Text "Haiti" to 90999 on your cell phone to send a $10 donation to support Red Cross relief efforts, verified here.
+ Text "Yele" to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele's Relief efforts, verified here.
+ Text "SAVE" to 20222 to donate $10 to Save The Children, verified here.
+ Text "HAITI" to 25383 to donate $5 to help the International Rescue Committee, verified here.
+ Text "QUAKE" to 20222 to charge a $10 donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, verified here.

Show Your Support/Other Ways to Donate
+ Add a ribbon to your Twitter picture
+ GoodSearch, a search engine that donates a portion of their advertising revenue to a charity you choose. (I suggest picking Yele Haiti.)
+ Donate United Airlines Air Miles to a charity. (Scroll down to see the charities listed.)
+ Farmville by Zynga, an online farming game, is trading donations of Farmville Cash (purchased through Paypal) for White Corn seeds. (Zynga is also trading donations to benefit the World Food Programme for other items in Mafia Wars, Fishville, and Zynga Poker.)

* I have listed established charities and are verified to not be fraudulent. To find more, please go to Charity Navigator, which rates reputable charities on a four-star scale; this CNN article and this one, also list/recommend non-fraudulent charities. A comprehensive list of Canadian charities can be found on CanadaHelps. *

* Please feel free to link me to any other charity/fundraising efforts being done as I will be continuing to update this post. Pimp it out if you want; I will be leaving this unlocked. *
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